HTMX Impressions

2/11/2024⦿2 minute read☕️

My notes and thoughts after using HTMX to build an application that I use daily.


1/9/2024⦿9 minute read☕️☕️

Notes on the "Inspired" book by Marty Cagan.

Code Review Tips

5/22/2022⦿4 minute read☕️

Some things I think about from the author and reviewer perspective when it comes to code review.

Building a Planning Poker App

5/19/2022⦿4 minute read☕️

I built a planning poker app that teams in my organization have been using to estimate JIRA tickets.

Simple Made Easy

2/25/2021⦿3 minute read☕️

Notes on the "Simple Made Easy" talk by Rich Hickey.

Accessible web forms

6/15/2020⦿8 minute read☕️☕️

Notes on coding accessible forms in web applications.

Accessible web links

5/22/2020⦿4 minute read☕️

Notes on using accessible links in web applications.

Remote Working

1/4/2020⦿8 minute read☕️☕️

Thinking aloud about working remotely.

Competing with Unicorns

12/9/2019⦿2 minute read☕️

Book reflection on Competing with Unicorns by Jonathan Rasmusson.

What the Functor

10/24/2019⦿2 minute read☕️

Notes on some building blocks of functional programming concepts.

Programming Elm

9/25/2019⦿2 minute read☕️

Book reflection on Programming Elm by Jeremy Fairbank.